Find the ultimate experience in fine dining and recreation at The Grove Restaurant. Our outdoor patio has six Bocce Ball courts surrounded by fully matured Manzanillo Olive Trees.

Bocce Ball is FREE for our lunch and dinner patrons or you can reserve our patio and Bocce Ball courts for a private party or event. Flat soft soled shoes required for Bocce play.

If you're not familiar with the sport, Bocce Ball is a competitive game of skill, strategy and ability. Players toss balls at a smaller target ball within the confines of a large court. The game is easy to learn and play but can also provide a challenge for even the most skilled players. What makes is so great is that it can be played by young and old alike and it's a great way to get people together.

Basic Rules
The game consists of several frames. A frame starts with tossing the pallino by a team toward the opposite end of the playing court. The game (frame) is complete after the balls have been thrown and points awarded. Balls are tossed or rolled underhand.

The pallino must be thrown past the center line and not further than the four foot line. If the pallino lands out of the designated area, the opposing team will throw the pallino into the playing area.

Once the pallino is in position, the first team throws their bocce ball. Taking alternate turns, each team throws their balls toward the pallino to (A) get their ball closest to the pallino, (B) to move the pallino closer to their ball, or (C) move the opponent's ball. The winning team begins the next frame. Frames are played alternately from one end of the court to the other.

In each frame, only one team scores. One point is given for each bocce ball that is closer to the pallino than the opposing team's bocce balls. The game continues until 12 points have been scored.

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